DOT Services

DOT Physicals, Drug Testing, & Alcohol Testing


DOT Physicals

Dr. Nathan Broghammer is a licensed chiropractor and a DOT Certified Medical Examiner #4928157227 at Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa.  We provide DOT physicals for current drivers, new hires, or new students as they enter truck driving school.   Our goal is to provide our clients with a thorough exam according to the most up to date DOT rules and regulations.  By doing so we ensure that our drivers can safely operate a commercial motor vehicle.  We have openings available for DOT physicals every day during regular business hours.  We also accept walk-in DOT physicals as our schedule allows.  Call 319-378-1515 today and set up your next DOT physical.

Drug Testing

Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa also performs pre-employment DOT drug tests as well as DOT required random drug tests.  Non-DOT testing services are also available.  Dr Broghammer is a Certified Drug Test Technician per 49 CFR part 40.  We want to make the drug testing process process as hassle free as possible. There is generally little to no wait time to get tested, so our drivers spend less time in our office and more time on the road.  We also utilize electronically verified results and results are forwarded to you or the employer as soon as they become available.  We provide competitive rates, top notch service and want to earn your business.  As to speak with Dr. Broghammer about setting up a DOT drug testing account at Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa.

Alcohol Testing

We also provide DOT as well as non-DOT alcohol screening tests.  We utilize DOT approved saliva screening tests; these tests are quick, simple to use, and easy to interpret.  In the event that a screening test yields a positive result we have immediate access to an evidential breath tester to confirm the positive reading.  We feel you should not have to undergo a more expensive testing procedure unless absolutely necessary.

Reasons to Choose Dr. Broghammer and Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa


We know our drivers keep a busy schedule, that’s why we perform all DOT services Monday – Friday during regular business hours. If our business hours to not work with your schedule please call our office, we can generally accommodate alternate appointment times.   We don’t limit you to certain days or times to get the services you need. If you would like to come to our office  Although an appointment is preferred, we will also perform “walk-in” DOT services as our schedule allows.  Call 319-378-1515 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Broghammer today.

Selection of Services

We are one of only a few select offices in the area that offer the “trio” of DOT services: Physical Exams, drug testing, and alcohol testing.  We can schedule to have multiple services performed on the same day such as exams and drug testing to save you time and hassle.

Knowledge and Experience

Dr. Broghammer is a Certified Medical Examiner and is listed on the National Registry (#4928157227). He has completed the necessary additional training and testing required by the DOT. As DOT rules and regulations change Dr. Broghammer has continued his education to keep up to date with current policy. It’s important that you be examined by a doctor that is not only capable of providing a complete exam, but able to properly interpret and enforce the latest DOT policies.  Now is the time to make the switch to Dr. Broghammer and use a provider you can trust to keep you on the road.


As an independent clinic we can keep overhead costs down and pass the savings along to our clients.  Our fees significantly less than most offices yet we deliver the same great service you demand. Please call our office for current pricing for our DOT services.

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